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When we stand on top of a mountain and we start skiing, we leave a trail of microplastics and wax behind. As the seasons change, the polluted snow melts and flows into our precious lakes, rivers, and ultimately the ocean.

We are committed to protecting our powder, by leaving no trace behind. We're all about riding the lift, the slopes, the train, our bikes, we just love to RIDE.  During any season of the year, we RIDE responsible from sunrise to sunset.  Whether you prefer racing down a slope without stopping or you are the one taking pictures of the views at the top.  At one point or another, we all gather at the BASE of the mountain to enjoy some drinks and good food to celebrate a great day on the slopes.

At BASE, we are no different. We just redesign skis to stop pollution and to keep riding.

BASE - Ride & GuideTM

We're a brand for skiers who want to make the sport sustainable. The only way to do that, is to protect our planet, and our powder.

When we stand on top of a mountain and we start skiing, we leave a trail of microplastics and wax behind in the snow. When the snow melts, this ends up in lakes, rivers and eventually the ocean.

At BASE, we go for zero pollution on the mountains. Together, with the help of skiers and fans like you, we can reach this goal.

Modern skis are not recyclable, and not just that, they are dumped by the millions after every ski season and pile up.

At BASE, we started with the goal to design a 100% recyclable ski. Our unique and protected design makes the skis fully circular, upcyclable, reusable, repairable, non toxic and recyclable at home.

If you ask us nicely in 5 or 20 years, we will gladly upcycle your old BASE skis. The raw materials are only at the beginning of their next of many lives, as it should be.

We are committed to protecting our powder, by leaving zero tracks behind while we RIDE. Like many of us, we did not grow up with the abundance of environmental research available today and respect individual learning journeys. We want to gently GUIDE our ski friends by leading the way and sharing knowledge, empowering everyone to make informed choices.

BASE skis are currently made in the small university town of Leuven, Belgium. BELGIUM?! YES! Within 3 hours by train, we can reach the majority of our customers. (UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany).
These skiers enjoy the wonderful sport and social past time that skiing is, but don't live in Zell am See, Verbier or Bourg Saint Maurice.
This means they often don't get to see or feel the impact of the ski industry on the mountains during and after the season.

founder of BASE skis

We're currently building a team of BASE ski-fluencers, who've seen the mountains change and who want to guide and inspire us all.
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Did you know?

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When we stand on top of a mountain and we start skiing, we leave a trail of microplastics and wax behind in the snow.


We don't want to leave garbage behind, yet we collectively throw tons and tons of microplastics and wax on the mountains when we ride.


Snow turns into water in spring. The pollution we create while skiing ends up on the mountains, in rivers, lakes and eventually the ocean.


After their life on the slopes, traditional skis are burned or dumped as they can not be recycled.

At the end of every winter, millions of skis are piling up.


Roughly half of the materials used in traditional ski making is waste, even before it leaves the ski factory.